More Christmas Duets

Our newest addition to Wild Music Publications is the easy-intermediate series, More Christmas Duets. It is still growing, and so far is available for: Two Clarinets, Two Bassoons, Two Flutes, and Flute + Clarinet. Watch this space!

As ever, these books are available to order from, you can click on the picture below to find out more, or visit our Downloads page!




More Christmas Duets is a collection of 26 less well known pieces arranged especially for two players of equal ability who know all the basics. Great for playing with friends, entertaining the family and even busking, and why not refresh your seasonal song stock?






Another very recently finished book is our book of 26 Duets. This is currently available for: Two Bassoons, Two Clarinets, Two Descant/Soprano Recorders, Two Flutes, and Flute + Clarinet.

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