Easy Sheet Music for Ukulele

Easy Sheet Music for Ukulele


We have launched our first Unique Ukulele book! Take a look…


Easy Christmas Carols for Ukulele


Easy Christmas Carols for UkuleleOur book of Easy Christmas Carols for Ukulele  has 18 traditional Christmas carols. It starts with the easiest pieces and ends with more challenging numbers so the book can be enjoyed by the same player for several years, we hope. A great way to see how much progress you’ve made since last Christmas!


This book is brilliant for in-class teaching, or just if you feel like learning a bit of ukulele this christmas. It only uses the first three frets, it has easy chord diagrams, melody in treble clef and the melody in TAB, as well as the words, so you can sing along and play! For 4 string ukulele, with C tuning: GCEA.


There are many famous carols and christmas songs in our book of christmas carols for ukulele, as well a few you might not recognise. A great way to entertain family, friends, the general public – if you’re up to busking – (or just yourself!) during the festive season.


When it comes to Christmas Carols, it doesn’t matter if you’re Wind, Brass, Strings, or Keyboard, we have something for you all to keep your fingers twiddling during the festive holidays!


Along with this book, we also have downloadable play-along backing tracks! They are all especially arranged to be playable with the music in this book, so there’s no need to buy more sheet music. There are two tracks in the download – one with the melody and backing, and the other has just the accompaniment, so you could even do some festive improvising!!


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