Easy Traditional Duets Music Book

Easy Traditional Duets Music Book


Easy Traditional Duets Music Book is back, and growing in number! – Now you can download or order this fantastic book for many different combinations, as well as two of a kind.


Available for: Brilliant Bassoon, Mini-Bassoon, Tenoroon, Chortling Cello, Catchy Clarinet, Bubbly Double Bass, Flying Flute, Excellent Oboe, Ruby Recorder, Super Saxophone, Terrific Trombone, Trusty Trumpet, Twinkling Tuba, Valiant Viola, and (last but not least!!) Vibrant Violin!


Also available for a growing number of mixed combinations.

For example:


Violin+Viola, Flute+Clarinet, Viola+Cello, Trumpet+Trombone, Violin+Trumpet, Trombone+Tuba, Clarinet+Saxophone, Flute+Bassoon, Oboe+Bassoon and many more! (if we’ve missed you out, please let us know!)


Easy Traditional Duets for Two Double BassesWhat is in the book?

Bobby Shaftoe, Cripple Creek, Deck the Halls, Hey Ho, Anybody Home, Jingle Bells, Kookaburra, Molly Malone, Matilda, O My Darling Clementine, Sur le Pont D’Avignon, Sweet Betsy from Pike, Silent Night, This Land is My Land, The Volga Boatman, We Three Kings, We Wish You a Merry Christmas, Yankee Doodle and many more (32 in total!).




You should know:Easy Traditional Duets for Flute and Alto Saxophone

All of our books are especially arranged for the two individual instruments.

Our mixed combinations are arranged to be enjoyed by both players. When the instruments are in different keys, we make sure there are pieces in easy keys for both instruments.


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