Music Theory Book 1

Music Theory Book 1


The Brilliant Bassoon Music Theory Book 1 - UK TermsThis is a fresh, and still growing venture to provide each instrument with their own specific theory book! Book 1 is ideal for learners young and old, and covers all you need to know for grades 1 and 2.


Each book follows our specially created musical bods through the progressive journey of learning how to read the clef, understanding note values, time signatures, key signatures, scales, intervals, musical terms and symbols, and much more!


Not only does Book 1 provide easy-to-follow explanations, regular checks, games, puzzles, and exercises (easy and a bit trickier), there are also pages of facts about the instrument, pictures, and more instrument-related fun!


anonymous-flag-of-britain-1-300pxUK/US Versionsjp-draws-us-flag-300px

We aim to publish each book in two versions: UK and US. There are quite a few musical terms which differ e.g. bars / measures, crotchet / quarter note, etc. so to avoid confusion, we have two versions!




bassoon-music-theory-uk-book-1-web-contents bassoon-music-theory-uk-book-1-web-contents2What’s in the book?

Here are the UK Bassoon contents pages. Click them to enlarge.

Each book is instrument specific, so don’t expect to see bassoon facts in the recorder book!




The Ruby Recorder Music Theory Book 1 - UK TermsI want this book!!

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