Christmas Crackers

misc-glitchmas-cracker-300pxChristmas Crackers


Christmas Crackers is a slightly crazy duet book with 10 cracking christmas numbers transformed and re-styled from well-known christmas carols into wacky duets. Suitable for two equal players of Grades 5-7 standard.


Each piece is written in a unique style, and they all have CHRISTMAS sprinkled between the lines. Some of the tunes are obvious; others are disguised in different time signatures, rhythms, or even as short motifs. Each tune is an absolute cracker, composed for maximum fun and entertainment!




What’s in the book?

Have a look at the image on the left – it’s the full contents page. Click to enlarge.

Includes: Canonbaum, Hark the Bossa Nova, Merry Tango Men, Nocturne, Polonaise of the Kings, Ragtime is Coming, See Amid the 5/4, Sussex Blues, The Royal Gigue, Theme&Var. on Holly&Ivy, and a really smashing BONUS BOOGIE at the end of the book!





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