Christmas Carols for Flute and Easy Piano

Christmas Carols for Flute and Piano

Christmas Carols for Flute and Piano


Our book of Christmas Carols for Flute and Piano has 20 traditional Christmas carols. It is the perfect accompainment book intended to be played with our Flying Flute book of Christmas Carols; it includes the first twenty carols.


Great for the pianist who wants something fun and not too tricky! We’ve called it easy piano, as most are very straight-forward, some move a bit more, and some have a few chords.


A great way to entertain family, friends, the general public – if you’re up to busking – or just to play in lessons or at home during the festive season


When it comes to Christmas Carols, it doesn’t matter if you’re Wind, Brass, Strings, or Keyboard, we have something for you all to keep your fingers twiddling during the festive holidays!


Along with this book, we also have downloadable play-along backing tracks! They are all especially arranged to be playable with the music in this book, so there’s no need to buy more sheet music. There are two tracks in the download – one with the melody and backing, and the other has just the accompaniment, so you could even do some festive improvising!!


CLICK HERE to see our selection of play-along tracks.


If you would prefer to download the PDF of this book and not wait for deliver (those elves can take their time!) You can print the book (or just the pages you want to play) at home. You could even download to your tablet and carry your music around to play whenever you just can’t shake that festive fever! CLICK HERE.