Trick or Treat – A Halloween Suite

Trick or Treat – A Halloween Suite

Our Halloween music book, Trick or Treat – A Halloween Suite is a fun-packed Halloween music book. It includes 13 spooky pieces with special effects, actions and creepy lyrics and also fearsome classical arrangements.


The PIANO book is for both hands, the WIND and STRING books include a mix of solos and duets, with the tricky pieces at the back.


Great for music lessons, entertaining the family and even busking. It is suitable for beginners but some are a little harder so it will be great to play this year and next year. Watch out for freaky special effects!


Trick or Treat - A Halloween Suite for Double BassesWho can play?

Available for: Brilliant Bassoon, Mini-Bassoon, Tenoroon, Bubbly Double Bass, Catchy Clarinet, Chortling Cello, Excellent Oboe, Flying  Flute, Peachy Piano, Ruby Recorder, Super Saxophone, Valiant Viola, and Vibrant Violin!





Trick or Treat Contents Web SampleWhat’s in the book?

Have a look at the image on the left – it’s the full contents page. Click to enlarge.


For instrument-specific inside samples, CLICK HERE and choose your book.


Includes: Witches Round the Cauldron, Trick or Treat, Spooks on the Loose, Dancing Bones, Creeping Up the Stairs, Heavy Footsteps- Monster Dance, Bats and Broomsticks, March to the Scaffold – Berlioz, Ride of the Valkyries – Wagner, The Force of Destiny – Verdi, Toccata and Fugue in D Minor – J.S. Bach, Danse Macabre – Saint-Saens, and The Sorcerer’s Apprentice – Dukas.


Trick or Treat - A Halloween Suite for PianoI want this book!!

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